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EDGUY a lansat albumul “Monuments”

La implinirea a 25 de activitate, EDGUY pregateste sarbatoarea cu un album Greatest Hits, pentru toamna. Pana atunci, au lansat un dublu album intitulat “Monuments”.

Odata cu acest album, au lansat si un clip cu versuri pentru piesa ‘Open Sesame’.

Tobias Sammet a declarat:

„I am extremely proud of »Monuments« and the journey that it portrays. ‘Open Sesame’ is a song I wrote after looking back at the journey and my attitude throughout our career. Painting a lyrical picture of the burning ambition that a young musician needs. Armed with a dream, a Casio keyboard and a large amount of Bugs Bunny’s self-confidence. Stuck in the middle of nowhere in Germany but willing to tear down the gate to the magic world of the music business! Ready to sign the first record deal, no matter what the details are. I love this track, not only because I think it’s got great energy, but also because it’s a very autobiographic lyric and it says a lot about the determination you need to make things happen!“

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