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Pristine au lansat noul album”NINJA”

In data de 23 iunie, trupa norvegiana PRISTINE au lansat albumul “NINJA”. O data cu albumul, trupa a lansat si un clip oficial pentru piesa “The rebel Song”. 

Heidi Solheim a declarat:

“Some people in our home towns in Norway loves to ice-bathe in the winter. This may seem like an absolutely crazy idea, to jump into the ocean when there is still snow and ice outside. But something about the contrast inspired us for this next music video for The Rebel Song. The heat vs. the cold, the brutal nature vs. human skin represents the story in the song. The Rebel Song is about strong female characters and how challenging it can be to be standing in the middle of the fire sometimes. Our main character in the video, Mrs Liv Rundberg, is not only a strong and very resourceful lady, but she is also very beautiful and we are so humble and proud to have her in our video! Everything you see is shot close to our homes in the northern parts of Norway. We really hope you like it!”


  • Heidi Solheim (vocals)
  • Espen Elverum Jakobsen (guitar)
  • Åsmund Wilter Eriksson (bass)
  • Kim Karlsen (drums)
  • Anders Oskal (organ, keyboard)
  • Benjamin Mørk (organ, keyboard)

  • Continut
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