TANKARD lanseaza al doilea single de pe viitorul album, “One Foot In The Grave”

La 35 de ani de activitate, TANKARD se pregatesc pentru lansrea albumului cu numarul 17, One Foot In The Grave. 

Cu aceasta  ocazie, trupa a lansat al doilea single, pe care il puteti vedea mai jos.

Gerre a declarat:
“As Aaron was also already responsible for the comic clip of ‘Fooled By Your Guts’, we have spared neither cost nor effort to fly him in from Australia for recording this new clip with us. This clip is on the one hand really ironic because of our age but on the other hand also a bit sad. Everything is only temporary! This time we wanted a video without the usual hopping-around with our instruments, we just want to try something new! I think we managed this quite well. Have fun with ‘One Foot In The Grave’!”

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