THE LURKING FEAR, un nou clip cu versuri

THE LURKING FEAR vor lansa pe 11 august albumul de debut intitulat “Out Of The Voiceless Grave” prin intermediul Century Media Records. Clipul noului single, “The Starving Gods Of Old”, a fost realizat de Costin Chioreanu, inspirat de coperta albumului, realizata de  Stefan Thanneur.

Tomas Lindberg a comentat:

“So, for the next video clip we had the idea of letting our old friend Costin work on it, but having him use Stefan’s amazing cover artwork. I think Costin really captured the eeriness of the track “The Starving Gods Of Old” perfectly. It feels like you are thrown into the darkened void of the starving gods themselves, being devoured by them alive, while getting your ears blasted by another serious dose of twisted death metal madness. The song is like an anthem to what lurks beyond this world. Like watching an old 70´s horror movie on a worn out VHS cassette.”

Piesele de pe “Out Of The Voiceless Grave”:
1. Out Of The Voiceless Grave
2. Vortex Spawn
3. The Starving Gods Of Old
4. The Infernal Dread
5. With Death Engraved In Their Bones
6. Upon Black Winds
7. Teeth Of The Dark Plains
8. The Cold Jaws Of Death
9. Tongued With Foul Flames
10. Winged Death
11. Tentacles Of Blackened Horror
12. Beneath Menacing Sands

Adrian Erlandsson (At The Gates) – Tobe
Jonas Stålhammar (God Macabre / Bombs Of Hades) – Chitara
Tomas Lindberg (At The Gates / Disfear) – Voce
Andreas Axelson (Disfear / Tormented) – Bas
Fredrik Wallenberg (Skitsystem) – Chitara

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