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The Night Flight Orchestra, ‘Something Mysterious’, noul single de pe albumul “Amber Galactic”

Supergrupul suedez THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA  au lansat albumul “Amber Galactic”, un album cu influente retro, disco.

Bjorn Strid a declarat:

 “Most other classic rock bands sound like weed or LSD — we sound like cocaine.”

Alaturi de Bjorn Strid, trupa mai este formata din  Sharlee D’ Angelo, Richard Larsson, Jonas Källsbäck si Sebastian Forslund.

Odata cu lansarea albumului, a fost lansat si single-ul ‘Something Mysterious’, cu un aer specific anilor 80, imaginea amintind de casetele VHS foarte populare in acea perioda.

 David Andersson a declarat:

“Almost everyone, no matter who they are, have experienced one, or perhaps even a few, epic nights in their lives. That night when you met the love of your life, and you couldn’t go to sleep because your heart was beating too fast out of pure excitement and joy. That night when you lost the love of your life. The night when you thought that no matter what happens next, I’ll remember this night for the rest of my life. ‘Something Mysterious’ is a song about standing at that crossroads, gathering the courage to take that plunge into the unknown, knowing your life will never be the same again.”


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